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A Message of Information and Warning to the MankindJun 24, 2021

With name of the God, the Almighty, the Merciful O you! The Mankind! And O you! Those high and affluent, and leaders of the nations! Will not you fear? Surely I to you a Messenger secure, so fear the God and obey me. And not I ask you reward, if my reward except over the God. Not to you from god or lord other than the God, so serve the God my Lord and your Lord, this a Highway Constant. You serve idols and you create delusions, those you serve from other than the God, not they control your sustenance. So seek with the God sustenance, turn to Him, submit to Him, ask Him forgiveness, thank to Him, to Him you will return. And if you falsify, know that not over me except the delivering, the clear. And surely the God over everything witnesses. So fear the God and obey me. Your wealth and your children and the life of the World are trials. Your financial system and your corporations are delusions and falsehood based on lies, just the fact that you use interest and usury and its derivatives, nullifies your system in eyes of the God. You give personhood to corporations, dead entities, with no rights, and you usurp the rights of Men. Your currencies and monetary instruments are untenable, except if you back them fully with Gold or Silver or both and with no interest or leverage. The God orders us not to tinker or tamper with the origination of the Man, which you call genome or DNA, and you have been doing exactly that, this will bring no good to anyone. Stop this foolishness and let the natural course be, we will all die, there is no escape from death, delaying it will not prevent it. So fear the God and obey me. And this progress that you glorify, that you are the most advanced generation technologically and scientifically, a falsehood, and clearly disproven by looking at the remnants of the generations before us. Our ancestors, at least to the generation of Noah, lived up to a thousand years, longest lived today barely make it to a tenth. Your claims that you have left the Earth and the Heaven are lies, we cannot leave the Earth and the Heaven. We are surrounded on all sides and above by a barrier we cannot pass. We will all live in the Earth and die in her, and from her we will be taken out another time, for Judgement, and Hell or Garden after that. You lie about what is not obvious, why do you lie about what is obvious? The Earth, she is Level and Stationary. No Man, male or female, can be forced to believe or do what they do not want. No one can be persecuted or prosecuted for what they say in this life of the World. This, the life of the World is frivolity and play, sustenance of the deception. Will but not you see the deception? O you! The Jews! The Messiah you wait for has already come once, your ancestors tried to kill him, but not they killed him and not they crucified him, the God took him away and raised him to Himself. O you! The Christians! Say the truth over the God, surely what the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, Messenger of the God, His Word, a Prophet, and a pure man. Messiah Jesus is no son of the God and not the God, a monstrous falsehood invented by your forefathers, and the invented Trinity does not exist either. Turn back to the One God my Lord and your Lord. O you! Those who hold the Quran! You have destroyed the essence of the Book of the God by following your thoughts and desires instead of the clear and the obvious truth written in it. If you hold true to the Quran, then all your governments and constitutions and laws are invalid, only the Quran can be the Government and the Constitution and the Law, and nothing can supersede the judgement in it. Mohammad Messenger of the God, and a Prophet, is not the last Messenger or Prophet, but sure seal of the Prophets as he came with the seal of all prophecy, the Quran. Do not let the life of the World deceive you, the Hereafter is the real Life. To all the Satans from the Demons and the Men, you know who you are, and you know you have no authority over me, and if you use your power against me, wait and see what the God does to you after that. And to the rest of you, you need to know that you have no authority over me either, and if you plot and plan and use your power against me, any chance you have of salvation in the Hereafter will be lost. You can believe me and submit to the God, listen and obey, and be informed with forgiveness and reward great from the God. You can do nothing, and you will continue on the path you are on, and nothing will change for you. Or, what is most likely, you can reject me and falsify me like all generations before you, and if you then plot and scheme and plan against me, and you exile me or harm me or hurt me or even kill me, then know that not will you tarry here after me except a little. So, now that I have done my solemn duty to the God by giving you clear information and warning, you can do what you want. The command of the God approaches for this generation, like it has for every people and generation before us, a day it arrives, no one will be able to then choose to turn and believe and do righteousness. Method of the God which has passed in generations before us, not will you find to His method change, and will lose right there the rejecters. So do over your places, surely I will do, and wait, surely I with you waiting. Peace, Asad Ahmed Sirohey Messenger of the God This 30th day of May, 2021, of the years you count