The Majestic Reading
The Majestic Reading


My name is Asad Sirohey and I am an exclusive servant of God, and one who knows the Book and Wisdom from God and His Messengers.


This translation is in absolute service and servitude to my Lord, I ask none of you for reward over it, the reward is to those who guide themselves with it. My reward is over God Lord of the knowing, Lord of Everything, Lord of my father Adam, Noah, my father Abraham, and my brothers Moses, Messiah Jesus and Mohammad, and the Messengers who follow them.


With name of God, the Almighty, the Merciful. The praise to God Lord of the knowing. The Almighty, the Merciful. KING, Day of the WAY. To You we serve and to You we ask. Guide us the Highway, the Constant. Highway of those, You favor over them, other than the anger over them, and not the astray.

There Quran, "The Reading," is a confirmation of the Torah and the Bible, and it affirms, confirms and repeats the Faith and Law that was sent in them both. The Faith and the Law that were sent in them have been corrupted. And now, comes the truth about it all.

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