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Let Us Start With The First Chapter Of The Quran …

Peace = Salam = Shalom

The first thing we should be clear about is the fact that nothing can replace the Arabic used in the Quran. No translation can fully articulate the power that is contained in this Book of God. To reach that level of understanding you have to read the Book in Arabic. But for those who are unable to, this translation can absolutely help in getting close to the true understanding of what this Book is telling us.

One of the questions that keeps coming up during interactions with readers is how the start of every chapter, except the ninth chapter, is translated. Here we look at the start of the first chapter. To understand why in The Majestic Reading “Biesm Allah” is translated as “With Name of God”, and not “In the Name of God”, we must understand the Arabic words that are joined together to form the word “Biesm Allah”. Let us begin with “بسم”, where “Bie” and “Ism” are joined. Translated to English, “Bie” is “With” and “Ism” is “Name”. Therefore, the correct and sensible translation of “بسم” or “Biesm” is “With Name”. “Allah”, in English, is “God”. Therefore, the correct translation of the first few words is “With name of God”.

You may argue what the significance of using “in” vs. “with” is. Everyone believes something “in God” because we are all residing inside God. The real question is what are you believing with, in God. Every translation of the Quran I have come across, apart from The Majestic Reading, fails because the Arabic is not consistently translated. I have done my best to translate the Arabic text consistently without changing the sequence of the Arabic words. God has instructed us not to add or change to His words, so if He has written “With Name of God” we have no authority to change it to “In the Name of God”.

Just because you have known something to be a certain way for your entire life does not mean that it is the truth. When it is proven to you that something you believe is false, yet you continue to believe that it is true, you have fallen into the trap of cognitive dissonance.

Are you going to follow your own fathers if they are leading you astray just to conform even though you know otherwise or think otherwise? The height of hypocrisy. The truth is the truth even if no one believes it.

Shalom = Peace = Salam

To understand more, watch this video.

And to read and compare it for yourself check out this link


  1. Imran says:

    The Praise to God Lord of the knowing.

  2. Trut says:

    Very clear and it seems that people are overlooking the obvious.

  3. Arafat says:

    Whether errors or Not:

    1:2 Lord of the worlds
    1:4 day of the judgement
    30:2 Overcome are the Romans

    1. Errors for sure, read the words and then make your comments “Deen” does not mean judgement. “Aalameen” does not mean worlds. The third statement is fine. Peace.

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