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Who Is Narrating The Quran?

Peace = Salam = Shalom

The way the Quran is written is clearly a narration of events which have passed, what is to come, what is going on, and it explains the seen and the unseen. The role of a narrator is to provide insight into the thoughts and feelings of all the parties involved. While there are voices of many people in the Quran, it is ultimately the narrator who is chronicling the events and delivering the information.

It is a common misconception that the Quran is narrated by God. There are many verses where God is referred to in the second and third person. While in many cases God is using the “royal we” to refer to Himself, in many cases this argument fails. For example, refer to the fifth and sixth verses of the first chapter, if God was narrating the Quran, it makes no sense for Him to say, “To You we serve and to You we ask”. No argument of “royal we”, can rationalize this. Similarly, in the sixth verse, why would God ask to be guided to the Highway, the Constant? Again, if God was narrating the Quran, this cannot make sense.

The Quran is the narration of the Holy Spirit Gabriel, the highest of the Messengers of God in the Heavens and the Earths. Mohammad was not directly inspired the Quran by God. The Holy Spirit was sent down, with will of God, to teach and inspire Mohammad, through the Quran.

In Chapter 2: Verse 97, the fact that Gabriel is the one sending down the Quran over the heart of the Messenger, is pointed out clearly. Then, in Chapter 16: Verse 102, it is clarified that the Spirit, the Holy, sends down the Quran, from our Lord, with the truth. This demonstrates that Gabriel and the Holy Spirit are one and the same, and that it is this entity who was tasked by God to send down the Quran. In Chapter 26, Verse 192-197, the sending down of the Quran is being spoken of, it is clarified that the Spirit came down with the Quran. In Chapter 81: Verse 19-21, the fact that the Quran is the saying of a “Messenger Honored” is affirmed. With knowledge of the rest of the Book, it is quite straightforward to figure out who this “Messenger Honored” is. In Chapter 97, how the Quran came down is described, and in the fourth verse it is clear that God sent down the Angels and the Spirit to deliver the Quran.

The Quran is a Book of God, it is His commandments that are being delivered, but it is not He that is narrating them. God does speak in the Quran, as do many others, but regardless of who is “speaking”, it is the narration of Gabriel. In my translation I have done my best to identify and differentiate different speakers, by using quotations and italic text, and red italic text when God is speaking. In the Arabic Quran there exist no such delineations, and it is up to the reader to identify the different speakers. Knowledge of who is speaking to whom in the Quran is essential to understanding. The Holy Spirit did not add, take away, nor modify the message he was instructed to deliver by God. He conveyed the information and commandments as God instructed him, to Mohammad and everyone after him who will read the Quran.

Shalom = Peace = Salam

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