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Abraham The Father And The Leader

Peace = Shalom = Salam

Given any subset of people there exists hierarchy, and within that hierarchy there is always a leader. God has given ranks to us all, including His Messengers, meaning some are ranked and graced over others. All Messengers of God bring the same message, but they are not all the same. If you speak to most “Muslims” today, they will tell you that Mohammad is the leader of all Messengers, and the most favoured Messenger of God. They believe he is infallible and did no wrong when the Quran tells us otherwise. He was a Messenger of God, and he delivered the message of God and is a leader of those who will believe after him and follow him. But, how can he be a leader of those who came before him, like Abraham?

Abraham is a contentious figure among the Christians, Jews and so-called Muslims today. He is considered the common forefather for all three religions. The shared importance of Abraham within these three religions points to the fact that all three share a common origin. However, based on the foundational beliefs held by each religious group today, none are adherents of the True Faith held by Abraham.

God made Abraham a leader to Mankind and Father of those who believe and the believers. Abraham was a leader to Ismael, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes, Moses, Messiah Jesus, and Mohammad. All of those who believe after Abraham are part of the Nation of Abraham and the Nation of Israel is a subset of the Nation of Abraham. And who is better from one who submits his face to God and is a doer of good and follows Nation of Abraham? These will be of the successful. In the Quran, Abraham is the only one mentioned who God took as a friend. It should be clear that the rank of Abraham is higher than that of Mohammad, and most other Messengers or Prophets. However, his importance is completely lost to these “Muslims” today due to their idolization of Mohammad.

The same Way that was brought to Abraham is applicable today and has been and will continue to be throughout the existence of this World we live in. Abraham is not a Jew, nor a Christian, he is a True Muslim unlike these so called “Muslims” you see today. The followers of Abraham are from him, and they are a people called Abraham. These people have no land specifically assigned to them except the Sons of Israel or the Nation of Israel under the Nation of Abraham, to whom was written the Holy Land by God, which they are fighting to regain today in what is called Israel.

Salam = Shalom = Peace

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