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The Quran Confirms What God Sent Before It, And Most Of You Will Reject It …

Peace = Salam = Shalom

A couple of truths about the Quran, first that the Quran is a confirmation of the Torah and the Injeel (aka Bible or Gospels), it adds nothing to the Faith and the Law that was sent in the Torah. The second, that the response of every generation to their Messenger and the message that he brings is that they mock him, and they falsify with the truth. The knowledge the Messenger brings is not coincident with the so-called knowledge held by most people, therefore he is singled out and judged to be mad.

The Torah and the Injeel came before the Quran, and the Quran is a confirmation of what was sent in both those Books. Because the Torah has been hidden and modified, and the Injeel has been destroyed through the introduction of the trinity and the abolition of the Oneness and Exclusivity of God, the three books as they currently exist are not consistent. The Arabic Quran cannot be modified. The Faith and the Law, as it was sent down to Moses by God in the Torah, will not change; it was the finality. All Messengers that come after Mohammad uphold the Quran and confirm what was sent before it

When the truth of God is brought by a Messenger or a Prophet, the result is always the same, he is mocked and dismissed. When you mock God’s signs or his Messengers you are mocking God. Every example in the Quran of a Messenger, accounts the interaction of the Messenger with his people. Each example follows the same template. The Messenger brings the message and informs/warns his people that if they do not follow the Way that he brings they will be destroyed or punished. The people mock the Messenger, reject him and even ask him to bring it on, eventually it comes to them what they ask for. Every generation has been promised their destruction or punishment severe before the Hour of the end will stand. When Noah was commanded by God to build the ships, his people passed by him and laughed. Noah’s response to his people who mocked him, “If you laugh from us, but surely we, we will laugh from you like what you laugh”. On that Day, those who mock God and His Messengers will regret their mocking, they certainly will not have the last laugh.

The Life of the World is made too beautiful to them by Satan, and so they are unable to accept the Truth and see reality for what it is. They deny the Truth, and, in the end, they are surrounded with what they mock, and punished severely. This cycle will continue until the end of this World. Man has not changed for the better throughout the course of his history, he has repeated his mistakes over and over with the same end result. In fact, Man has devolved, we were far more advanced in the past and actually lived up to a thousand years, at least to the time of Noah, with far greater numbers and subsistence present on the Earth.

So, the Quran confirms all that was sent by God before it, and most of you will reject it.

Shalom = Salam = Peace

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