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Interest Or Usury, Forbidden By God …

Peace = Salam = Shalom

Most people think that a barter system is archaic and that the current banking system is an advancement over it, what a joke! The current financial system is based on the collection of interest or usury, which enslaves all who take loans from it, and the resulting debt slavery.

God prohibits usury, which is the same thing as interest, a distinction without a difference. Usury or interest is paying “rent” on money borrowed or lent. Any amount of interest for loaning money is prohibited by God, and the only money clearly created by God is Gold and Silver. Thus, all currencies, digital, paper or coin must be backed 100% by Gold or Silver with zero leverage.

The Satanic lot will say trade is the example of usury, it is not. God allows trade, and He forbids usury. Trade involves the exchange of goods and services between two parties. Usury is the loaning of money which then must be paid back with an excess amount over the money loaned. With money being Gold and Silver, only the exact amount of Gold or Silver borrowed or loaned needs to be paid back, no more. As opposed to the Fiat or fake currency, which can be created infinitely, Gold and Silver cannot, and these metals will increase relative to the number of people on the Earth, thus maintaining balance. The money in circulation today is by and large backed by nothing except your faith in your governments, and their attributing whatever value they want to it.

The current banking system is enslaving Mankind, people are encouraged to take loans and mortgages to get what they want. But in doing so they lose freedom because most of them will never pay back the capital, and also struggle to pay the interest. This enables their enslavement to the financial system of deceit, and their worrying about repaying the loan stops them from thinking about the absurdity of what they sacrificed their Souls for.

God declares war on usury or interest. The banks can only be a utility for exchange of Gold and Silver backed money between parties. Those who manage the system can be paid appropriately by the Nation for this menial task. These banks today are taking your money or creating it out of nothing, lending it back to you and other people, and then collecting interest on it, resulting in profit to them. In a world where justice prevails, banks like these cannot exist. The monetary system as it exists is geared towards making you fall for your desire for wealth and excess, removing your ability to truly value what is valuable and chasing after fake money. Thus sacrificing your Soul to get what you desire in this Life, not realizing your inability to enjoy it, and losing the Hereafter for the Here. God’s War is on this system, and just because it goes on does not mean the War is not on it, the discerning heart will see it. It is only a matter of time before this monstrous system is destroyed, just like uncountable systems like it, which have passed from before.

Salam = Peace = Shalom

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