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5 Factors That Define the Best Quran Translations

Peace = Salam = Shalom

The Quran is the seal of prophecies; it confirms the faith and law sent in the Torah. The Way of God is detailed in this Book. Examples of Generations before us are used to demonstrate how people rejected the message each time, and warns us not to follow their example of mocking God and His Messengers. The Quran in Arabic is where the depth of the true message is. Several translations of the Quran exist to help people understand the Quran. Most translations tend to interpret or paraphrase as opposed to translate. A true Translation must be consistent with the translation of words, no words can be added to “explain” the sentence. To judge the Best Quran Translations consider the following points:

  1. The intent of the translation can only be to deliver the Message of God with no reward asked in return for this deliverance. Each soul must judge for herself this aspect.
  2. The verses or signs as they appear in the Arabic Quran must be precisely translated so that they are translation, not paraphrase or interpretation.
  3. The order of the words as they appear in the Arabic Quran should be reflected in the translation as much as possible without losing clarity.
  4. It is important that the reader objectively assesses the purity of the translation, and not just to corroborate his/her existing faith. The Best Quran Translations deliver the Message that was originally sent in the Quran, and do not modify this Message to agree with the faith that is prevalent, just for acceptance.
  5. Translations of the Quran exist in various languages, the author must understand the Quranic Arabic, and the language he translates it to. But, the Quranic Arabic is not like the Arabic spoken today, thus, this is the place where most will not be able to judge.

The Quran is a warning to all Mankind and Demonkind, it is instruction and explanation to everything. Grasping the severity of the Message of the Quran, we need to strive to understand it. If you cannot read and understand the Arabic of the Quran, the points above can help you to judge the Best Quran Translation. For a translation of the Quran that meets all these criteria visit

Shalom = Peace =Salam

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