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Do You Feel Like, Somebody’s Watching You?

Salam = Peace = Shalom

Most people are worried about their privacy, and that someone is spying on them or their doings. And that causes them to be concerned about protecting their personal information. Well, you can lay those concerns to rest, you are certainly always being watched, and it is God and His Angels that are watching your every act. In addition, they know what you are thinking, desiring, intending, and monitor you in ways that you cannot understand.

Now let us look at these menial beings, the Satans, the Demons and the Men who try to spy on you. These vermin who spy on you with the intention of manipulating your thoughts away from God, are the worst of creatures. God intends no wrong to His servants, it is the Demons and the Men that bring the wrong over themselves, and thus God sends the wrong over them.

The irony is that as these beastly beings manipulate their unsuspecting, and suspecting, victims, they are themselves being monitored in ways they cannot understand, what a joke! When they plot against others they are being watched and what they plot is recorded, and when the rest of us plot, we are being watched. No one can do a thing unless God commands it, allows it, or lets them do it. So, fear God, as He is in Charge of all beings, good and evil, and He created them all.

Whatever is being created by the Satans, the Demons and the Men on Earth today, to make you feel that they are watching everything, and they know everything about you, is a facade. They have more knowledge about us than we have about them, but those of us who hold with God the Almighty, cannot be touched by these wretched, wicked creatures. When God protects someone, he cannot be touched. 

Peace = Shalom = Salam

To understand more watch this video.

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