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Read Quran In English And Arabic

Salam = Peace = Shalom

The Quran is the product of the revelation of God’s command to Mohammad by the Holy Spirit, Gabriel. Most so-called Muslims today do not read nor understand the Quran, rather they recite it in Arabic with little to no understanding of what is being said. In Chapter 8, Verse 35, the prayers of those who reject is likened to ‘calling and wailing’, this is an apt assessment of the prayers of so-called Muslims today, as well as their tacit recitation of the Quran. This is not only the case for people who do not speak Arabic. Often, even Arabs are unable to understand the Arabic of the Quran because it differs from conversational Arabic or the importance of truly understanding the Quran is treated as less important than to memorize the Quran.

Reading translations of the Quran is discouraged by many so-called Muslims today on the basis that it will take readers astray, and only the Arabic Quran should be read. This is completely nonsensical because most of the population cannot read nor understand Arabic. Reading the Quran without understanding what is being said does not make sense. You cannot follow the writings of a book that you do not understand, and the intention is for people to listen and obey the Quran and its teachings. The Quran is instruction for all Mankind, it does not differentiate between ethnic origin nor native language. As such, if a translation of the Quran stays true to the meaning contained in the Arabic words, there is absolutely no problem with reading a translation in any language.

Today, English is one of the most spoken languages, thus it is imperative to have an authentic English translation that communicates the information and commandments contained in the Quran. This is so that people do not have any excuse that Day about their inability to understand the Quran. The Majestic Reading is an English translation of the Quran that stays true to the Arabic and does not add, nor take away meanings. It utilizes the conventions of present day spoken English and is easy to read if you come to it with an open heart.

Translations of the Quran should not add explanations or change the words over their true meanings. The Quran is completely self sufficient. Everything necessary to understand it, is within it. The Majestic Reading provides an unadulterated translation of the Quran from Arabic to English. The translation aims to present the guidance of the Quran without biasing the translation on thoughts and preconceptions. The content simply and precisely communicates the message of the Quran in English and Arabic. Download the Translation at or read online at

Peace = Shalom = Salam

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