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Jesus Is Messiah

Shalom = Peace = Salam

The Messiah is known to many religions today, but a true understanding of who he is, is not understood by any. Jesus is Messiah, he was given this title prior to his birth. The Holy Spirit Gabriel, informed Mary that she would give birth to the Messiah Jesus, who is also the Word of God. Jesus is the only entity given this title in the Quran. He is also the only man clearly referred to as a Close One of God from Mankind in the Quran.

The Jews explicitly state that Jesus is not the Messiah. The Christians accept Jesus as the Messiah, but they insist that he is God, or the son of God, which is complete blasphemy, and their abode will be the Fire because of it. Christians believe in the “trinity”, in the Quran, Chapter 4, Verse 171, it is instructed to us not to mix in our Way and not to say except the truth over God and we are told that the Messiah Jesus is son of Mary, Messenger of God, and His Word. And also not to say “Three”, which is a direct reference to the invented trinity believed by Christians that will take them to Hell as they are clearly partnering with God. The so-called Muslims today, who are not Muslims per the Quran, do not even broach the subject. They fail to recognize the honor and position afforded to Jesus in the Quran because they are caught in their delusion that Mohammad is the greatest Messenger of God. 

Jesus is a Messenger of God, and although he was selected to be the Messiah prior to his birth and is the purest Man ever to have lived, he was still just a man and he served his Lord, God. He was tasked with the same responsibility as every other Messenger, to deliver the Message of God and to tell Mankind to serve God and not to partner ANYTHING with God, otherwise Hell will be the end. They tried to kill him and rejected him, but God took him away, raised him to Himself, and will purify him from those who reject. The Sons of Israel claim that they killed Jesus, it only appeared to them, he was surely not killed nor crucified. Jesus knew the Torah and the Injeel from the time he was born. When he returns, he will relate these to us again and confirm that all three books, the Torah, the Injeel, and Quran, in their true, unadulterated form, coincide completely.

Today, the only true way to follow Jesus is to follow the Quran. By following the Quran Mohammad followed Jesus, because the Quran confirms the Torah and the Injeel, and adds nothing to the faith and the law brought in them both. When Jesus returns, he will tell us the same thing he did the first time, to serve God, his Lord and our Lord. On Day of the Standing, God will question Jesus about whether he told Mankind to take him and his mother as two gods from other than God. Jesus will renege and say he only told them to serve God his Lord and their Lord. Jesus is not able to say except what is the truth; he is the Word of God. If you choose to reject Jesus as the Messiah, that is your prerogative. Just remember that truth does not coincide with what you choose to believe, the truth is actually what is and if you believe the truth then you will succeed, the Quran.

Salam = Peace = Shalom

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