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This Life, A Deception

Salam = Shalom = Peace

Whether recognized or not, every human has questions about his existence, where did we come from? where are we going? why are we here? While there are many theories, the Quran provides the absolute truth about our existence and purpose. Many believe that this reality is a simulation, and in some ways, this is not too far from the truth. We are here and are sensing the reality we are living in through our bodies. However, the reality that is apparent to us is a delusion, a deception, a hoax, orchestrated by God. This existence is a trial or a test, to see how many will be able to see through the deception of this Life and see through to the real reality. How many will be able to overcome their self-importance, desires, and the delusions pervasive in this Life to see we are here to serve God?

The Life of this World, which most think is the ‘be all, end all’ is a sustenance of deception. It is play and lightness, not to be taken too seriously. This Life has been made beautiful. The desires we have make us love the Life of this World, women, children, treasures, rides, animals, land etc. Most people are constantly desiring excess, looking at what others are being sustained with and running after that. While there is no problem with righteously enjoying this Life, when your only focus is to make yourself high in this life by accumulating worldly accolades and possessions and you forget the true purpose of your existence, that’s when the deception has overcome you. Most get caught up in the busyness of this life, they forget God, and when you forget God, He forgets you.

God created us, and before us He created the Seven Heavens and the Earths. We live in the Lowest Heaven, and beneath our feet is the Hell fire which will be home to most Men in the Hereafter. God created us to serve Him, to fear Him only, and to listen and obey the Book and the Messengers. But Man being Man is arrogant and cannot overcome his own self-importance. As a result, he fails to recognize and accept the truth of this creation. Ultimately, most of what we will do in this Life is meaningless, unimportant, menial, except serving God. Nonetheless, we must live this life, while serving God and ensure we are submitted to Him. But when you start to rejoice with the Life of this World, you forget the inevitability of death. Each Man will die, there is no escaping this. If you truly recognize this existence is transitory, it would be much simpler to accept God and His commands; this life is a zero sum game. The only thing that matters is the faith you have, and the deeds you do.

Our origin was God, He created us, everything we see, and everything we do. We all come from God, a single consciousness, but we are not that single consciousness as some spiritualists will have you believe. We are here to serve Him, and it is difficult because this Life is a deception. Once you recognize that this entire existence is a Grand Conspiracy, it is much easier to accept the conspiratorial nature of what occurs in the Earth, not only by God, but also at the hands of Men, Demons and Satans. The end of our existence in this Life is the beginning of our existence in the Hereafter, the real Life. All of the wealth and accomplishments you amass here will not mean anything on that Day, unless you Believe with God, fear Him, and do the righteousness, which you can learn from studying the Quran. On the Day we will be judged, everyone will be rewarded in accordance with this, and not the Life of the World except sustenance of the deception.

Peace = Salam = Shalom

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