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How Can Reading The Quran Help You?

Peace = Shalom = Salam

Many opinions exist about the meaning of this life, but the truth about it has always been the same. The Quran is the Truth about this existence and it repeats what all other prophecies brought before it. It reminds us of our purpose in this life; to serve God. This life is a trial to see how many will see past the deception and realize that we are altogether nothing in front of the Almighty God who created us, as well as everything else we see and do. He has commanded us to do certain things, forbidden us to do others, and He has clearly outlined these directives in the Quran, as well as through the Torah and the Injeel. Although the Torah has been hidden and the Injeel mutilated by Mankind, in their original form the Quran confirms them. Without the knowledge and understanding of these books, this trial is very difficult to pass.

When you come to the understanding that this life is but a test and that the only things we will take with us when we die are our faith and deeds, it is simple to see what our striving should be, fulfilling our obligation to be in servitude to God. There are many ways you can serve God, but the highest of them today is to read, understand, and obey the Quran. If you come to the Quran with a listening heart, and submission to the One God, the Book will bring you guidance and purity. It will bring you peace, and if you analyze for yourself this is what we truly desire in this life.

The Quran teaches both through direct commandments and examples. It revolves around the explanation of how God dealt with seven generations and people before us. By reading the stories of these people and how they dealt with their Messengers and what their eventual end was, it is straightforward to draw parallels between what happened then and what is happening now. These examples can be used to change your behaviors and how you think about things to ensure you do not make their mistakes. It also strengthens your faith by showing you that the Way of God has never changed, and the way of Mankind has never changed, the majority will reject God. We need to ensure we do not fall for the deception and hold on with God.

The Quran provides instruction and explanation to everything. There is not a single book on Earth today that can provide you with guidance to live this life as well as prepare for the Hereafter, the Torah and Injeel only provide support as they exist today. The Quran demonstrates that most of the things we worry about in this life are inconsequential and brings peace to those who read it sincerely turning to God. Any loss in this life pales in comparison to the Ultimate Loss in the Hereafter which will be incurred by every Soul that does not submit to God, One, Indivisible, Almighty.

Salam = Peace = Shalom

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