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Do Not Tinker With Origin Of Mankind

Salam = Peace = Shalom

The truth regarding the inception of Man has been completely obscured by the Theory of Evolution, which is used to argue that Man evolved from lesser organisms. This is part of a concerted agenda to take the necessity of a Creator out of the equation and explain existence as a result of happenstance. We have reached the pinnacle of this now, with most having bought into the Satanic Scientific narrative and rationalizing existence through the theories put forth.

Man was created by God, and God has ordered Man not to tinker with the creation of Man. This means we are not to manipulate the building blocks of life, our DNA, in any way. This is another limit of God that has been transgressed by Man. Over the past couple of centuries, significant effort has been put into understanding the minutiae of the conception and genome of human beings. Today, this understanding is being used to modify human beings from conception until their death. Through pursuits such as transhumanism, it is purported that we can greatly enhance human intellect and physiology. This is in direct disobedience of God’s command and the result of it will not be good. Who determines what ‘enhanced intellect’ is? What are ‘desirable traits’ in human beings? The Satanic entities in charge of these agendas decide, and you count on their thinking of our best interest. They are playing Mankind for a fool, and the problem is most Mankind is defenseless because they have lost their Souls.

The emphasis on vaccinations these days is one example of how, on a large scale, they plan on fundamentally altering our DNA, and thus our creation. Their aim with these vaccinations is to introduce foreign matter into our bodies that will be capable of manipulating our innards at their command. In the Quran, “Creatures of family of Pharaoh” is repeated and “Creatures of people of Noah and Aad and Thamud and those from after them” is stated. While we are all creatures, in these instances something more sinister is being referred to. These verses are pointing to the ‘creatures’ that were created from the rebellious tinkering with and destruction of the integrity of the creation of Man. The result of this current experiment will be no different.

Most people think the history of Man is a linear progression. This is premised on belief in evolutionary theory. The reality is we have devolved. From the Quran we know that generations that passed from before us were stronger, had greater intellect, lived longer, were taller, and had better subsistence. We have tinkered with our creation before, and it has never been to our benefit. The technology we have today does not come close to what was possessed by the Pharaohs, the people of Noah, and those between them. If we can do it today, those from before us certainly could too, and better than us. Every generation transgressed the limits of God, and for that, every generation was destroyed. This one is no different. The War of God is at our doorstep, there will be no escape. We all have a choice to make. Whose side are you on? Pick your side while you still can, because when the War of God is upon us there will be no choice.

Shalom = Salam = Peace

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