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Will Of God

Peace = Shalom =Salam

Preordainment or fate is touted by many who say everything that will happen is fixed and cannot be changed for every soul. Today, most of the people who call themselves Muslim believe that their fate was decided when they were born, and God knows who will go to Hell and who to the Garden when we arrive into this World. Obviously, these people only call themselves Muslim and by the true definition are certainly not. If God knew what the outcome for each soul was before she arrives into this World, then how can this life be a trial? The truth is that nothing happens without the will of God. However, God has given us the will to decide certain things, most importantly whether we will accept, reject, or doubt His existence. Therein lies the trial. This decision, and the strength and sincerity with which it is made, is the key that will decide the outcome for each soul in the Hereafter.

If we start from conception, none of us decided to give ourselves life. It was God who willed us into existence, and He willed us to will what we will believe, reject and doubt. This decision is not preordained for the vast majority of us. For some, like Jesus, their fate is sealed from before their birth. For the rest, there is a decision to be made. The Quran says, “Not is to a soul that she believes except with will of God”. The reality is that God will decide, but His decision depends on what you decide. He has given us the ability to make this decision ourselves. At any given moment, every soul is in one of these three states regarding God’s existence, believing, rejecting, or doubting. God looks at what each soul is striving for. If a soul is sincerely striving to believe and be righteous, to understand the truth and submit to God, then God will wish this soul to believe if He accepts that striving. God will only let you believe when he sees that you have strived to believe enough.

Another aspect of God’s will pertains to the death of a soul. Not a single soul dies without the will of God. This means that irrespective of the circumstances of anyone’s death, nothing could have prevented it, the term of the soul was over. Similarly, if God has not willed a soul to die, and thus her term is not over, nothing can cause the soul to die. This is an important concept to grasp for those who believe because it demonstrates that there is no need to mourn anyone’s death. The concept of God’s will is not understood by most who claim to believe in His existence. It is complicated because everything that happens is with the will of God, but there are things He has willed that we are able to will, whether we believe, reject or doubt. Once we have done enough, believed enough, rejected enough, doubted enough, God will intervene and will us to go down the path we have chosen. God is the Originator, He willed us to will, and He will will us to will what we will if we will enough. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Later.

Peace = Shalom =Salam

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