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Why It Is Necessary To Read And Understand The Quran

Salam = Peace = Shalom

The Quran is a Book of God, and it clearly communicates and explains God’s commandments to Mankind. It explains what the purpose of this life for each man is; to submit to God and to serve Him. It is a reminder of the transience of this life and that each Soul will be judged based on what her faith and deeds are in this life; this will ultimately dictate the Soul’s outcome in the Hereafter. This Book is meant for every man, woman, and child, at any point in time during this life. The Message contained within its pages is timeless. The Quran both informs and warns. If you choose to abide by the edicts presented in the Quran, it will be to your own Soul’s benefit. If you choose not to, it will be to your Soul’s destruction.

Today, the highest way you can serve God is to read, understand, and obey the Quran. Although to achieve the full depth of understanding, the Arabic Quran must be read, English translations that stay true to the meanings contained in the Arabic words can provide those who cannot understand the Quranic Arabic with more than sufficient understanding. Very few such translations exist, most add explanations, references, and clarifications. The Quran is entirely self-sufficient, and as such requires no additions to communicate its message. The Majestic Reading provides the absolute translation of the Arabic Quran to English. The verses as they appear in the Arabic Quran are precisely translated so that the meanings are not warped, and even the order of words as they appear in Arabic is reflected in the translation. There are few instances where the order is slightly modified, but this is the exception. This translation can be accessed online through either your phone or computer with Quran PDF free download.  The benefits of reading the Quran are many, the most important of which is to save your Soul from the Hell fire, but below are two others:

Helps you to attain peace

Mankind is plagued with all sorts of stresses, anxieties and depressions, and most stem from a fundamental lack of understanding of the purpose of this life. What are we doing here? Depression results from a lack of meaning, and if you subscribe to a faith that denies the existence of a creator and stipulates that this is the only life we will live, then what else can this life be but meaningless? This life is a trial, it is our chance to redeem ourselves and succeed in the truest sense. The Quran explains all of this and provides us with the complete arsenal of tools necessary to live an internally peaceful life here, and then succeed in the Hereafter.

Strengthens your connection with God

The Quran is the narration of the Holy Spirit of God’s commandments to Mankind. Although it is not God who is narrating the Quran, through reading the Quran many of us are experiencing the closest thing to God communicating with us that we will in this life. If you read the Quran with a listening heart, God will bring you understanding and strengthen your faith, and as your faith strengthens so too will your connection with God.

If you are interested in uncovering the truth about the reality of this life, the English translation of the Quran presented in The Majestic Reading will provide you with the ability to do so. The Quran PDF free download is available at

Peace = Shalom = Salam

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