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Betrayal Of Satan

Salam = Peace = Shalom

There is an ongoing battle between good and evil. However, most do not understand what is good and what is evil and, thus, this battle eludes them. Fundamentally, this life is a battle for your Soul. Will you submit to the One who Created you and this life, or will you let your desires overcome you and take the evil path, following the Satan to the Hell fire? Both sides are fighting for your Soul, and it is you who must decide which side will persuade you to follow.

God sends Messengers to every generation and people. The responsibility of the Messenger is to inform and warn his people. If you follow what the Messenger instructs you with, God’s commandments, the Messenger will accept you. If you reject the message he brings, the Messenger will reject you. The Satan does the opposite, he commands you to reject God’s commandments, and he plays on the Soul’s desires and does all that is in his power to take as many Souls as he can away from the path of God. While the Messenger will accept you when you follow him, the Satan will reject and turn away from you when you follow him. Once you have rejected God, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Hereafter, the Satan will always free himself from you, and so too will the Messenger.

The Messenger is sincere to you, whereas the Satan deceives you, he is the perfect hypocrite. This life is a hoax orchestrated by God. It is intelligently designed to deceive us, allure us, and call to us, so that we love this life of the world over the Hereafter, if even we believe such a thing exists. That is the trial. But there are clues and signs that explain the hoax that this life is, if only you have a heart that can see. If we saw the reality, that this life is a hoax, then it would be rather easy to let go of the attachments we have to it, submit to the Almighty God, and wait patiently for the true reality of life, death, while living by the Law of God enshrined in the Quran. The Satan does not want that, he wants to take as many of us with him as he can to Hell.

On the Day of the Standing, when we will all be judged based on our faith and deeds, the Satan will tell you that God’s promise was true, and that he promised you, but he differed to you, and that he had no authority over you except to call to you. The betrayal of the Satan is clear, his promises are empty, they are not to benefit you in any way. If you are persuaded by him, it will only be to the demise of your own Soul. In this life, the odds are stacked against the truth because the truth is that this life is sustenance of the deception, play and amusement, and the real life is the Hereafter. But to know the Hereafter, you must dive deep into your heart and soul. The Hereafter cannot be proven, except through the Books of God and the examples and signs provided. Knowing this life is easy because we can sense this world; it is tangible, or so we think. When you fall for the desires and hastiness of your Soul, you lose. This life will end and prove its worth. Then you will regret the short-sightedness and destitution of faith that will lead you to eternal damnation. Think about it, you were born to die… so how can this be serious? You need to save your SOUL, not your LIFE. Turn to God, accept your lowliness, and ask for His forgiveness EVERDAY.

Peace = Salam = Shalom

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