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Why An Accurate Translation Of The Quran Is Essential Today

Peace = Shalom = Salam

The purpose of reading a book is to understand the message it conveys. If you are unable to understand this message because you do not know the language the book is written in, then it serves you no purpose to read this book. The so-called Muslims of today experience this when they ‘read’ the Quran. The vast majority, even native Arabic speakers, do not understand what they are reading, either because they do not know the meanings of the words or they have been convinced they are incapable of understanding the Quran and should not try. They are convinced it is enough to simply recite the Arabic with little to no understanding of what is being said.

Each Soul has the ability to understand the fundamental message contained in the Quran and should strive toward this as it will result in her salvation. In the Quran there is a verse which says, “And if We made it Quran foreign, to their saying “Why not surely explained its signs? Is foreign, and an Arab?” Say! “It to those who believe, guidance, and cleansing. And those, not they believe, in their ears heaviness, and it over them blind.” Those they called from a place far.” God presents His Books in the language of the people; if He were not to do this, then it would not be fair to expect people to understand them. The Quran in its original form is written in Arabic. English is one of the most spoken languages today, and there are many English translations of the Quran available. When deciding to read a Quran with translation it is imperative that the reader ensure that the translator has not added or taken away from the original message. The Majestic Reading is such a translation.

For those who cannot understand the Quranic Arabic, The Majestic Reading is the best option to learn the edicts of God outlined in the Book. Having a Quran with translation is essential for those who cannot understand Arabic. If you come to the Quran with an open heart, it will show you that this Life is play and lightness, and you do not need to worry about anything more in this World than saving your Soul. It will bring you peace, but you must strive to understand and implement what it teaches you, and that requires time and patience. However, if you do not take the time, then you will face the consequences of that decision.

Salam = Peace =Shalom

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