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Examples Of Delusion

Shalom = Peace = Salam

Many of the so-called Muslims of today believe that the Quran cancels the Torah and the Bible. The Quran instructs keepers of the Book that they are not over a thing until they stand the Torah and the Bible and what sent down from their Lord.  Thus, to reject the Torah and the Bible and claim they have been cancelled or abrogated is rejection of God. It is true that the Torah has been hidden and the Bible emasculated and modified to include things that are absolutely abhorrent. But if you read the Torah and the Bible with knowledge from the Quran, you will see past these things and realize there are more similarities than differences between these three Books.

The Quran itself is self-sufficient, there is nothing more than what is in the Quran that you need to know. Anything you read outside the Quran that contradicts the Quran is an absolute lie. However, even though the Quran is self-sufficient, this does not permit the rejection of the Torah and the Bible. The message contained in these Books is key to each Soul’s salvation, but simple safekeeping or recitation is not going to bring you closer to God. This is what is practiced by most Jews, Christians, and so-called Muslims today; they treat these Books as ornaments. Each sect accuses the other of having no knowledge, when the reality is that none have the true knowledge, while those holding the Quran are the worst of them.

Most people who hold the Quran, Torah, or Bible think that by keeping these Books, they are saved. They do not have time to learn the teachings of these Books because they are too busy making empires in the life of the World. This excuse will not stand on the Day we Stand to God. People preach the importance of prioritization to decide the relative importance or urgency of things. If you understood the Truth about this reality you would be quick to realize that your priority in this Life is to align yourself with God’s commandments, which you can learn from reading His Books.

The minimum level of faith that God will accept from a Soul on that Day is that of a Muslim, submission to God and acceptance of His absolute command. To be a Muslim you do not need knowledge from His Books, just sincere submission to the Almighty God. To become of those who believe you must abide by the covenant in the Quran, which requires knowledge of the Book. Today the definition of Muslim has been mutilated and those who claim to be Muslim follow writings of Men, such as the Hadith and Sunnah, written outside the Quran and contradicted by the Quran. Those who write these texts make wealth from them which is strictly prohibited by God. Who wrongs more from one who makes up over God falsehood? The Quran is a reiteration of the Faith and the Law that came down in the Torah. Each generation will see the same words, mock them, and then they will be destroyed. At the end of the day it is your choice to follow or not to follow, there is no forcing in the Way. God wants you to choose what you want to believe, He will not force the vast majority to believe, there are a few exceptions like Jesus and Moses.

Peace = Salam = Shalom

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