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How To And Not To Follow Your Thoughts

Peace = Shalom = Salam

Our thoughts influence what we perceive, the process is guided by what we understand based on our knowledge that we have accumulated through experience and learning. Problems arise when either we have no knowledge or when the knowledge we have does not coincide with the truth about reality. This makes it difficult to decipher information correctly as the framework we are using to perceive the world is not grounded in the truth. True Knowledge is contained in the Books of God, specifically the Quran which cannot be altered from its original form. With this Knowledge, you can form a foundation that will allow you to use your thoughts and perceive reality for what it really is. However, even with Knowledge of these Books, we are all still human and must be cognizant that some of our thoughts will not align with the Objective Truth in the Books of God.

Most of Mankind has no knowledge and are incapable of critical thinking. Their thoughts have been manipulated by the ‘education’ they have received and the societal norms they have been indoctrinated to follow. This forms the schema they use to navigate through life, which results in a Soul’s depravity. When you have never taken a moment to evaluate the veracity of the information you have amassed through your life, you are victim to the wiles of those who are providing you with that information. Weak minds are easy to manipulate, and when the knowledge provided by Men encourages you to follow your desires, whereas the True Knowledge instructs you to stop over the desires, which path are you most likely to choose? The brainwashing of humanity with the thoughts of Men begins from childhood, and most continue through life without even a second thought about how absurd most things we are told are. This nonsense you are taught is not knowledge.

True Knowledge comes from the Books of God. In the Quran, the Messenger is told that if he follows the thoughts of those without Knowledge of the Book from after what has come to him from the Knowledge, not will be to him from God protection and not help. He is instructed to judge between them with what sends down God, and not to follow their thoughts over what comes to him from the truth. The Messenger cannot follow other thoughts after he has knowledge from the Book, unless these other thoughts align with the Book. If he did, he would no longer be from the guided. This is written over the Messenger, but it applies to anyone who wants to succeed in the Hereafter and save their Soul. If you follow the thoughts of those who do not have Knowledge of the Book, they will lead you astray with the nonsense they think they know about reality.

Many Men make others astray with their thoughts without Knowledge. This applies to the professors, scientists, clergy and politicians who are preaching to the rest of Mankind with no understanding of what is really going on, or with some understanding and intentionally leading the masses astray. God is aware of their transgressions. Those who follow their thoughts without guidance from God are astray, they are wrongdoers. Unless you take the time to learn the Quran, you will face the consequences of your lack of Knowledge in the Hereafter. Everything in this Life is temporary, the pain, the suffering, the happiness. We are all going to die, there is no forever life here. The choice you are making now is where you want to spend forever in the Hereafter, the Garden or the Fire.

Salam = Peace = Shalom

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