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Chapter 109 The Rejecters

Salam = Peace = Shalom

Each Man learns through new experiences and ‘knowledge’ gained. Thus each Man constructs his perception of reality. However, true reality is singular, and if our perception of reality does not align with the true reality, then we are astray. There are things in life which may have no right answer, for example, whether the color red is more beautiful or blue. But for the really important questions in life, like, is there a creator? Why are we here? What happens after we die? There is only one answer, and that answer is absolute.

The arrogance of Man very often keeps him from seeing reality, because when his fundamental beliefs are questioned, he does not ponder why they may be flawed, but rather automatically attacks the one questioning his beliefs. If you are confident what you believe is the truth, then you should have no problem defending your stance. This is only the case for those who have knowledge of the Books of God, because they are the only ones who are aware of the truth about reality. The rest follow their thoughts and desires, and the thoughts of others, and concoct a version of reality that is totally inconsistent with the truth.

Chapter 109 is often referenced by the so-called Muslims of today when they encounter anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. Specifically, the first part of the last verse, “To you your way”; the verse in its entirety is “To you your way, and to me my way”.  This is their dismissal of those who disagree with them and are astray, not realizing that they cannot say this because they are astray themselves. These so-called Muslims of today have no knowledge, no understanding, nor authority to state this. The Holy Spirit is commanding the Messenger to SAY the contents of chapter 109 to any who oppose him. The understanding the Messenger has of the True Faith puts him in a position where he can judge whether the faith of someone is right or wrong. He has the authority to judge whether someone rejects with God, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers or the Hereafter.

Everyone has a way, what is often referred to as religion. The way of those who reject is to reject God and turn to their own Souls or serve Satan. The way of those who believe is to accept God and reject the rejecters. Both parties are rejecters, but of opposite things. The authority to state this chapter is limited to the Messengers and Prophets of God, as it categorically states that you are right and everyone else, except those who follow you, are wrong. Every Messenger is put in a position to judge Mankind, and his judgment is with the Truth, the Book of God, today the Quran. The Messenger is here to deliver the Words of God and to fight with His words. The Satan makes you think you are in the light when he takes you out from the light to the darkness. God takes out the believers from the darkness to the light with His Will.

Peace = Shalom = Salam

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