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Truth About The Quran

Peace = Shalom = Salam

The Quran is the revelation of the Holy Spirit Gabriel to Mohammand of God’s commandments. It is guidance and explanation to everything, making it entirely self sufficient of any external writings. Many claim that the Quran is an archaic book and no longer applicable because man has progressed to a point where he has transcended the caveats presented in the Books of God. The truth about the Quran is that it is timeless and applicable to all. As a result of technological advancement and invention of scientific theories that preclude the existence of a Creator, many have deluded themselves into believing that this existence is happenstance. Today, having faith in a Creator is considered regressive. People of “faith” are mocked because their beliefs are supposedly not supported by proof. What these people fail to recognize is that every single man walking the Earth has his religion, or way, and this is based on some faith. Faith inherently points to a firm belief in something for which there is no absolute proof. While there are many different faiths held by men, there is only one True Faith, and if your faith does not align with it, it is you who will lose in the end.

The truth about the Quran is that it provides all the information and guidance that each Soul needs to live this life. It clearly outlines the True Faith and Law that was originally sent in the Torah. If you are able to believe what the Quran instructs you to believe, and act according to how it instructs you to act, you will be successful, both in this Life and the Hereafter. The Quran is not meant to be recited, or simply read, it is meant to be understood. The knowledge it brings you will bring you wisdom, and with that wisdom will come your ability to judge based on the truth. The truth is not meant to coincide with your thoughts, the truth is meant to control your thoughts.

Many philosphers have attempted to tackle the question of what is right and what is wrong. From a purely ontological perspective, it is impossible to answer this question. But it is not an abstract question, as the Law of God exists. The Quran is concrete testament of the framework of what is righteous and what is evil, as defined by the One who created this existence. If you are able to read and understand the Quran, even at a basic level, you will acquire the knowledge and wisdom necessary to minimize your suffering in this life and avoid it entirely in the Hereafter. But you must demonstrate to God your conviction and sincerity, otherwise He will not allow your heart to understand. This sincerity begins with acceptance that we are flawed beings, hasty, disputatious, arrogant, ungrateful, desirous, but we have piety within us as well. It is up to each Soul to decide whether she will fight herself, or give in to her evils. Just remember, those who stop over their desires will be from the prosperous.

Shalom = Peace = Salam

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  1. Abdulhai says:


    Your blog is good. You share the truth about Quran. You say Quran is the word of Allah, revealed to Prophet, preserved, and protected. You give evidence and arguments.

    My question is: How do you learn Quran? What sources and methods do you use? How do you share Quran with others?

    Please share more with us. May Allah reward you. Visit my website for more on Quran:


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